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picture of the library
PTO meeting with adults sitting in chairs and 3 students standing in front of the SMART Panel.
Picture of the Jamboard with Washington loves reading.
Student drawing on a Chromebook about the Rings of Responsibility.

Learning about the Rings of Responsibility through the Digital Citizenship unit. 

School nurse standing in front of a Smart Panel with Henry the Hand reminding students to wash their hands during Flu Season.

Remember to wash your hands to stay healthy as the seasons change. 

Washington School Sign outside the building.
A big group of teachers dressed as construction workers for halloween in front of the Washington School sign.

Happy Halloween from the Washington School Faculty. Professional multitaskers, we do it all! 

10 year old students with chromebooks learning in a classroom. Students are using an application called Nearpod to present information on all devices in real time.

Nearpod enhancing instruction and providing every-student response opportunities throughout the lesson. 

Educational Support

Special Services
District Director of Special Services:  Jennifer Sowa
District Supervisor, PK-5: Brian Rogoff
Washington School Special Services Staff:
  • Mrs. Pugliese- Learning Consultant, Case Manager (LDTC)
  • Mrs. Loew- Guidance Counselor 
  • Mrs. Francis- School Psychologist, Case Manager
  • Ms. Andretta- Social Worker, Case Manager
  • Mrs. Burbank- Resource Room Teacher
  • Mrs. Delaney-  Resource/ In Class Support Teacher
  • Mrs. Johnsen-  Resource/ In Class Support Teacher
  • Mrs. Lederman- Resource/ In Class Support Teacher
  • Mrs. Levitt- Resource/ In Class Support Teacher
  • Mrs. Ferrara- Speech & Language Therapist 
  • Dr. Miller- Physical Therapist
  • Ms. Mack- Occupational Therapist
  • Ms. Sullivan- Occupational Therapist
HIB (Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying)
Washington School HIB Specialist: Kerry Emmanouilidis
Millburn Township Public School District has Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Teams at all district schools.  The I&RS Team is available to assess students brought to their attention for social, emotional or educational needs.  The I&RS Team receives referrals from building principals, counselors, Child Study Team members, and teachers. The Intervention and Referral Services Team is consulted as a pre-referral intervention to the special education evaluation process.
Washington School I&RS Staff:
Kerry Emmanouilidis, Instructional Supervisor and I&RS Coordinator
Hilari Pugliese, Learning Consultant 
Jill Ruane, Strategies Interventionist 
Related Service Staff as needed 
Classroom Teacher