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picture of the library
PTO meeting with adults sitting in chairs and 3 students standing in front of the SMART Panel.
Picture of the Jamboard with Washington loves reading.
Student drawing on a Chromebook about the Rings of Responsibility.

Learning about the Rings of Responsibility through the Digital Citizenship unit. 

School nurse standing in front of a Smart Panel with Henry the Hand reminding students to wash their hands during Flu Season.

Remember to wash your hands to stay healthy as the seasons change. 

Washington School Sign outside the building.
A big group of teachers dressed as construction workers for halloween in front of the Washington School sign.

Happy Halloween from the Washington School Faculty. Professional multitaskers, we do it all! 

students participating in mystery skype. Smart panel with a skype in progress.

5th graders becoming global citizens through Mystery Skype.

Students playing multiplication kickball outside in a field.

Students participating in multiplication kickball. 

10 year old students with chromebooks learning in a classroom. Students are using an application called Nearpod to present information on all devices in real time.

Nearpod enhancing instruction and providing every-student response opportunities throughout the lesson. 

Washington School Home

Washington school sign outside the school.
Students working at desktop computers as part of their Space Challenge Simulation.
Students working with beakers at the Buehler Challenger and Science Center.
Students and adults working at a dome within a Space Shuttle Simulation.
Students testing out their creations for an egg drop challenge.
Students working on a STEAM project using a cup, string, and straws to build a robotic hand.
Student using VR goggles to view their own creation.
Student on a Chromebook using Tinkercad to build 3D items.
Our student leaders giving author, Sally Pla, a tour of Washington School.
Students working at tables, cutting tangrams.
Student and adult working on a Raspberry Pi coding computer to build a circuit.
Middle School students standing in front of a SMART Panel showing younger students how to code directions.
Group of students in front of a camera reading off a paper.
Students loading canned goods onto a green school bus.
Students working on Chromebooks at tables.
Students writing on an interactive display board.
Students working on a Pig Pen code in a small group.
Students using goggles to test out their Virtual Reality projects.
A group of students showing their project.
A student coding on a Raspberry Pi computer.
Students working on a cup stacking challenge
Students coding on a Chromebook.
A Leader-in-Me Job Board for student jobs.
Students showcasing their projects.
Students showcasing their DARE presentations.
PTO meeting with parents sitting in chairs and 3 students presenting.
Washington Jamboard asking what students are reading.
picture of the school library
Three students working on chromebooks during science.
One student working on a chromebook solving a math problem.
Colorful tiles that students made to personalize a wall in the school.
A class full of students working on chromebooks. Some students are on the rug and some are at their seats.
A large group of teachers posing in front of the Washington School Sign dressed as construction workers for halloween.
A woman standing in front of a Smart Panel with Henry the Hand to remind students to properly wash their hands during Flu Season.
Four students studying a plant and taking notes for a science lesson.

Recent News

Water for South Sudan

Students with parents and teachers in front of their South Sudan presentation.
Through promoting global citizens, Washington students took action with organizing a fundraiser for clean water to those in South Sudan.

The Washington School Post

Picture of The Washington Post Newspaper with a featured image of Mr. Mercurio and Mrs. Emmanouilidis.
We are proud to share the first edition of the Washington School Post written by Washington Students and organized by Mrs. Jones.

Code Day

2 male students interacting with a green pi-top computer.
It is with great enthusiasm that we share the success of Washington’s first annual Code Day from Friday, December 8th! As the nation celebrates the Hour of Code, Mrs. Haggerty launched this event through a series of activities dedicated to creativity and innovation.

Upcoming Events

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