General Information

Please email all absences and late arrivals to Please include your child’s full name, homeroom and the reason for the absence/ delay to enable us to update our records as mandated by the Department of Education.


The school day begins at 8:55 a.m., with the arrival beginning at 8:45.  Children should not arrive before 8:45 a.m. as they may be unsupervised.

Doors that will be open during arrival: Main Office entrance, Willow Street entrance, and bus loop entrance.

Walkers: Students walking to school may enter through any of the entrances.

Crossing Guard Locations:  (may be subject to change)

  1. 2 crossing guards at the intersection of Spring and Willow right in front of the school

  2. 1 crossing guard at Ridgewood and Main

  3. 1 crossing guard at Meeker and Willow

  4. 1 crossing guard at Spring and Rector

Car drop-off: Parents arriving by car may drop off students on Spring Street by the yellow cone's area between 8:45 and 8:55.  Students are to proceed into the building through this entrance and report to their classroom.

Bussers:  All students arriving by bus will enter through the loop entrance as this is where buses will park. Bus students will exit the bus and proceed into the building to line up by their classrooms.   

Before School Activities: Students participating in any activities before school, including orchestra, band, clubs, etc. may enter the building through the main entrance or the bus loop.

Safety: We need to keep a continuous flow of traffic during this busy time period.  Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated during this time. For the safety of our children, please be certain that the children use the designated crosswalk areas and do not cross the street directly from your parked car.  Please do not park in the “Drop Off Zone” along Spring Street.

Late arrival: All doors are locked.  Any student arriving after 9:00 must enter through the main office doors. Any student arriving after 9:15 will be marked “tardy" and must be signed in by their parent.  


Students will be dismissed following the procedures listed below:

Walkers will be dismissed at 3:20 by their teachers.  This may include any student who has been given permission by a parent to leave school unescorted by an adult.

Bus students will report to the loop area to meet their bus.  They will line up for attendance by their assigned bus number.  Please make sure your child is aware of their bus number.

Please be aware that students can only ride the bus they are assigned to and students who are not bussers are not permitted on any bus.

Students getting picked up will be dismissed by their teacher as follows:

  • Students without permission to leave on their own.  Teachers will bring students to this designated area for dismissal to occur.  Once a teacher identifies a person who has been authorized to pick up,  students can be dismissed. If an authorized person is not present at dismissal, students will be brought to the main office where a contact person will be called.

  • All Packs will be dismissed out of the field side doors (subject to change throughout the year). 

  • If a child does not get picked up, he/she will be brought to the main office, and parents/guardians will be called. (Please make sure all phone numbers and contact information in PowerSchool are current!)  

  • If you are planning on picking up your child during this process,  please know that you must park in a designated location on the street.  Please remember to follow the appropriate signs for parking. The Millburn Police will issue tickets if cars are illegally parked.  

  • Parents who pull up their vehicles on Willow Street for student pick-up must stay in their vehicles and exercise caution.  Students will be dismissed through the doors and gathered by the yellow cones.  Please be careful and pull your vehicle into the designated area for pick-up to occur.  

  • The bus loop will be closed during dismissal to allow buses to safely board students.  Once all busses have left the loop cars may use this area for pickup as needed.

After School Activities: Students will report to the appropriate individuals responsible for the activity and then be dismissed to their parents/guardians once the activity has ended. Please know that a nurse may not always be present or available during after-school activities.


  • 2 - hour parking is available on Meeker, Rector, Willow, and Spring Street in some locations.  

  • The staff parking lot will be closed for parking between the hours of 8:20 and 3: 30.

  • Loop area parking is permitted between the hours of 9:00 and 2:00, however, access to the building during these times is through the main office door only. There will be no parking in this area during arrival and dismissal. After busses have left this area parents may pick up or park in this location.


Changes to Dismissal Plans:  It is imperative that parents and students are aware of any changes in dismissal plans in advance of the start of the school day.  If you have an unforeseen circumstance/emergency that changes your child’s dismissal plan during the school day, please notify both the office (by phone and/or email) and your child’s teacher (by email) as early in the day as possible.

Mark your home calendar for extended single session dates (dismissal at 1:05pm) to ensure your child’s appropriate supervision on these early dismissal days.

Safety and Security:  Safety is a top priority for all of our students. When visiting during the school day you must enter through the doors located by the main office.  If you are dropping off a lunch, instrument, etc. we ask that you drop it off in the vestibule area only. Mrs. Khalap and Mrs. Wolfe will make sure that all belongings get to your children.